Could not create filter. Forwarding to too many addresses.

This is the message you can get when using Gmail forwarding. It’s happened because there are only 20 forwarders accepted by Google email so you can’t create another email forwarder anymore. To solve the problem you have 2 solutions:
1. create more Gmail accounts
2. combine filters

Since we are not talking about creating new Gmail accounts the only good solution is to combine all of those filters used for forwarding emails to other email accounts. How to do that?

First of all, as you see already, we are talking about combining the email addresses used in “From:” and not others based on other criteria like “To:”, “Has the words:”, etc. To be honest I didn’t try to use these ones and I don’t know if is working or not. The only one tested is combining the emails from “From:” field.

1. fire up your Gmail account
2. go to Setting (top-right), Filters.
3. look for filters that are forwarding emails to a specific email account (let’s just assume you’re using different email account, one for personal use and other one for business purpose).
4. after you have identified already the filters used to forward the received emails to another account start with combining all of those so instead using of, let’s say 10 forwarders, you’ll remain with only one.
5. combining multiple forwarders. E.g.:
From: ( OR ( OR (

Doing this you will save your forwarders so you will can use more email addresses your emails to be forwarded to.

A good and practical example of using a Gmail forwarder is forwarding emails to phone using Email to SMS method. Is this free? Hell yeah!

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