How is Acanac, Good or Bad?

If I would say Acanac is bad from the start you would say I’m just another internet geek who’s testing something for 5 min just to say something about a product or service. The truth is I would still say Acanac is a bad internet service provider and this is based on facts / experience with them. I am connected to Internet through Acanac.

6 weeks to get connected

I was supposed to get connected by Acanac on October the 4th but I’ve got internet on November 21st. I called Acanac end August, one month prior to the date they were supposed to connect me to the internet, enough time I guess, but it took them 6 weeks to deliver. I’m living in the center of Toronto, plenty of cables in my building and plenty of time for them to prepare my connection.

What did they answer when I asked why is taking them so long? I’ve got 3 false reasons:
- the address I registered was wrong(2 times? C’mon!)
- they blame it on the Rogers guy who was supposed to connect me in the building (some sort of service transfer but I guess is just Acanac)
- the modem they sent was defective (how can be defective when having no internet for all this time I never connected it so they couldn’t see if is good or bad??). Funny or maybe not, or maybe they knew the modem is doing just fine, there were asking me to send it back; first of all I payed for it so is mine, second if is defective as they say why they need it?

Just a note about the modem. They are sending it by Feds, one of the worst courier services so off course they didn’t deliver it saying that I wasn’t home on that day. In fact I was home and my phone on high volume. Just imagine after weeks of waiting how much I wanted that modem… Why aren’t they choose Canada Post who is keeping your package at the closest Canada Post location so you can pick it up easily after work?

Acanac Customer Service

Another thing is bothering me about Acanac is the very bad customer service, absolutely shitty, they have. Just imagine, I called them for a number of times and every time beside the fact that I was put on hold for dozen of minutes when I finally got someone on the phone there were not capable of answering my question so I’ve got forwarded from one customer representative to another (another minutes of waiting) if not the same(!). I don’t think is necessarily to mention that the major question, if not the only one I was asking all this time, was when I will get my Internet?

Acanac internet connection

I was asking for the maximum speed they have, 25MB/sec. After 6 weeks of waiting I was like a sponge, eager to go surf the internet, watch movies on Netflix, listening on Pandora radio, etc. The evening I’ve got connected the speed was like never before, the internet test for a Toronto server was crazy, around 15MB/sec, wow! But like everything is shitty about Acanac, the next day I started getting the real “high” speed, no more than a couple hundred KB. Even when downloading from websites like Microsoft (the maximum speed you can get) the speed is crappy, far away from what it should be. I never complained about this (is futile) but I’m sure they will say is because my internet is shared with others which is true but it doesn’t answer my question – from 25MB to less then 1 is a huge difference…


Last but not at least, Acanac is expensive, I’m paying 58 bucks a month for a crappy internet connection and shitty customer support. But this is a different animal. The real thing is this: they charged me 2 months in advance starting with the date (Oct 4th) they were supposed to connect me. So they were charging me monthly from my Visa account for two times but I didn’t have yet any internet!

I called them after first bill and saying then have to stop until I get internet and they seemed to understand to put the billing on hold but then the next month I’ve got another bill. Curious thing I don’t recall to give them my permission for automatically payment so they can take my money from my Visa without me knowing.

Do you think they stopped charging me? NO! After the 2nd bill it came the 3rd one. This time, I send emails complaining that if they don’t stop charging me until the whole 3 “prepaid” month are over I’m gonna report them to Ontario Customer Protection board.

Here just a couple of notes:
- the Acanac modem is the one I’ve been used with Rogers year ago before they changed to the new wireless ones, so is outdated and looks like a piece of junk – never worth more than a couple of bucks but I payed 50 if I remember exactly. Overpriced!
- the Customer representatives are not using real names(maybe because there is one single person?), they are signing with Acanac, making the communication very hard, you feel like talking to a machine
- late replays for all my emails, unresponsive, rude support
- hard to believe, the internet even bad as it is, is kinda steady, the first down was just about last night (reason why I wrote this article, first internet down is all the time a reason to “celebrate”)
- from February I’m moving to another internet provider, hopefully this time will be OK

Why not Rogers or Bell?

For one single reason: internet cap. We are in 2012 and the internet became a necessity like water and electricity. I just cannot agree with having limited internet. Sorry but I can’t.

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