How to auto arrange icons on iPod Touch

Sometimes we have to delete applications on our iPod touch and after this we see that the numbers of the screens is the same like before deleting. This is more annoying if you delete several apps and there are gaps on 8 pages of icons.

The best way is to auto arrange apps software icons.
To do this, follow the next steps:


Go to Settings / General / Reset / tap Reset Home Screen Layout

The bad thing is that you will see, after this reset, some changes on bottom bar and maybe you’ll have to add again your 4 preferred apps icons there. But after all, at least, you don’t need to download any software to auto arrange your icons and is a simple and elegant method ;)

There is another method to get the icons in a specific order, but everyone knows that is a pain to move the icons one-by-one. This is possible keeping a finger on one icon until all icons start wriggling. After that you can drag the icons you wanted, one by one, on another screen. This method still can be good if you want to move only a few icons, or if you want to add add/delete icons on the bottom bar. In this mode you can also, delete the apps touching the red “X”.

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