How to copy a protected image in FF

Sometimes you just want a photo from a website but it’s protected and you can’t save it on your computer. When you right click on it nothing happen or you receive a message that inform you that that picture is copyrighted and you can’t copied it. Everyone hate this kind of situation.

But there is a solution, Firefox provides us with the perfect tool to copy protected pictures from any website you want.
To do this follow the next steps:

1. Right click on the page where is the picture located
2. Click on View Page Info
3. Click on the Media Tab
4. Under “Address” browse through the pictures list and click on the desired image. Regularly that one which has the longest name is your photo.
5. To save it click on the Save as, browse the location where do you want to save it and that’s it.

Simple, huh? :)

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