Samsung Rant – How to setup the Keypad lock

If you are a lazy mate, at least as I am, you didn’t read the Samsung Rant manual, or you didn’t read it entirely. I see no problem with this anyway.
A couple of days ago I was riding my bike and in one of the break times I got my phone running crazy on the internet. Bad? Very bad! I am expecting now to pay some bucks more for internet usage and this is because my Samsung Rant was setup to get its keypad locked after 15 second of phone inactivity.

To get rid of this kind of problems you have to follow a few steps which will help you to short the keypad lock timing and of course to short your bill and save your money.

1. go to settings
2. display
3. keypad lock
Put there the minimum time interval, let’s say 5 sec. Press OK.

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