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About Kensfi

vic-dinoviciHi, this is Ken – web programmer, SEO enthusiast, photographer, sometimes graphic designer, biker and rock music addicted.

A couple of words about me: living in Toronto, Canada and passionate about computers since 1995 when I start using the computer for playing games (Solitaire – what a game! :P), and after that time I remember how I wrote the computer paper for the license exam.

Probably 50% of my spare time I spend on my computer, and much of that time looking for Insurance Quotes, just kidding, I’m looking for solutions to improve my coding knowledge (mostly HTML and CSS but not only). On KENSFI I propose to write about the problems facing me and what I found for resolving them. I refer in particular to creating websites, Search Engine Optimization, browser compatibility issues, software and hardware. Also I will put on the table the new discoveries in the field of computers, tech, science and some considerations about WordPress and blogs.

My first computer was an Intel 486, with 140MB HDD, 16MB RAM, 8MB build-in video card and a 14” color CRT Monitor working on Windows ’95. I remember like it was yesterday reading night by night the help from windows. Don’t laugh on me, I learned a lot about Windows and computers at that time.

Website idea came to me after long discussions about computers that I had over time, when friends less initiated in computers was asking me a lot of questions about computers. I thought it would be good for others, with less knowledge in IT to find answers they need.

I hope you’ll get interesting topics to read here, related to computers and beyond. If you have any question do not hesitate to drop a line at: ken(at)kensfi(dot)com.

Glad to meet you here!

Welcome on KENSFI!